• Steichen “Flatiron-Evening” – 05/15Photographie108.32%
  • Photographie de Renoir & Mallarmé par Degas204 600 €
  • Marché de l’art mondiale 2014€51 Milliards
  • Drtikol “Nu” – 11/15Photographie150.00%
  • Mallarmé “Un coup de dés…” Manuscrit autographe963 000 €
  • Apollinaire “L’art et l’amour” Poème autographeAutographe400.00%
  • Mao Zedong Lettre tapuscrite signée787 000 €

Above all, an art collector is an enlightened investor.

What is an enlightened collector? Firstly, it is an individual with a heightened sense of  artistic knowledge which facilitates wise decision making and, crucially, educated investments. While gifted debutants exist, it is only the trained professional who can properly help you invest in this niche field. The art market’s demanding nature calls for the mastery of a kind of “art of compliance”, meaning that experts must adhere to particular rules of etiquette, all while acting in accordance with good and efficient cultural and economic practice. This conduct not only determines the rules of engagement,

such as the terms and conditions associated with selling and reselling, but also how well experts know actors in the market (such as collectors, heads of galleries, and distribution houses). Our team, meticulously educated in their areas of specialization (such as signed letters and modern photography), has assembled before you an authentic, unique and rare catalogue of works of art valued at their true worth. All of this ensures that you invest in compelling and reliable ventures.

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14550_1861_DEGAS 2

Edgar DEGAS (1834-1917)

Signed letter, s.l.s.d. 2 pages, in-12, on mourning-paper.

« Madame,

J’ai reçu ce matin […] l’avis qu’on ne pouvait me remettre ce qu’on m’avait promis. J’ai du télégraphier à l’étranger où j’ai mes affaires et il faut que vous ayez la bonté de m’accorder au moins 3 jours de délai, pour que je puisse recevoir les fonds.

Je vous prie sincèrement de m’excuser. Les affaires sont déplorables, celles des peintures surtout. Il est assez probable que je me déciderai à vous parler de diminution de prix pour l’atelier. A 1600fr il était bien côté, je crois qu’en le portant à 2000 vous avez, comme moi, trop escompté de fructueuses ventes.

Recevez, Madame, à nouveau mes excuses. Il y a eu un manque de parole à mon égard et je n’avais pas pris d’autre précaution pour assurer mon terme. Je suis désolé de vous causer le moindre embarras. […] »

Edgar Degas knows difficult moments in life (the death of his father, financial problems with his brother, etc …). He leaves this world penniless.

8111_LARTIGUE Renée à la fenêtre avec Suzy Vernon

Jacques Henri LARTIGUE (1894-1986)

Jacques Henri Lartigue is one of the greatest names in photography of the 20th century. A legend that was born quite early in life. His imagery reflects an art de vivre and a certain modernity with an innovative angle to it.

At the beginning of 1930, before his divorce, he falls in love with Renée Perle. She is a beautiful young woman at the age of 26 with Romanian roots and a model at Doeuillet.

“Renée is beautiful, she is tender, she is everything I desire. I am living a dream…” (Lartigue, Instants de ma vie).

She will become his companion and favourite model, for paintings as well as photography, for a short period of two years. During this period they experience an intense passion in the atmosphere of an everlasting holiday in trendy cities: Cannes, Juan-les-Pins, Antibes, Biarritz, Annecy, Villerville and Interlaken.

Once they were know to the public, the photographs of Renée quickly became iconic pieces of art. They never met again after their separation in 1932.


Art market: numbers 201

In its 2015 preliminary report on the art market, la société Artprice confirms that the global art market has begun to stabilize in spite of the unprecedented 2008 economic and financial crisis.  The income generated from sales auctions has more than doubled in 10 years, even with China excluded. In the Western market, the total revenue from public auctions has risen to $11.2 billion from the $4.6 billion accumulated in 2005. Fine works of art thus amount to much more than trivial financial investments.

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